DYONYX LP, is a privately held information technology outsource and consulting firm dedicated to helping clients across the nation improve their productivity and security and reduce their cost and risk through a proven set of methodologies, extensive experience, deep skills and world class service at reasonable rates.

DYONYX was founded in 1996 by experienced technology and business professionals with the intention of taking their global company experience; proven methods and business focused solutions at competitive rates into the small and medium business (SMB) IT support market. "That experience has propelled DYONYX into the fortune 5000 market as well due to our ability to react quickly and flexibly while delivering a true enterprise Managed IT Services Solution," states Chuck Orrico, CEO and co-founder. Walter McKinlay, the company's Inside Director and other co-founder veteran's guidance has served the firm over the past decade, keeping DYONYX focused on high value services while managing to bottom line profitability. "The customer is king" is a common McKinlay theme, along with emphasis on disciplined margin management.

Today, DYONYX has offices in Houston, Dallas and Washington, DC, over 200 full time employees and a stable of both commercial and government customers that most IT consulting firms would consider enviable. Over the years the company has also received a steady stream of national awards and recognition for quality solutions and continuous, profitable growth. According to President, Chuck Orrico: "Our emphasis on quality services at competitive prices while maintaining the highest integrity has allowed DYONYX to attract and retain the best and brightest resources, which in turn, has led to some significant wins of accounts from larger, well known competitors."

DYONYX provides a comprehensive suite of outsourced support services that include LAN/WAN design and support, help desk and network management, COTS and custom applications development and hosting, business process optimization and IT alignment, risk management/regulatory consulting and end-to-end project management.

Supplier Diversity

DYONYX is committed to creating partnering opportunities for small, small-disadvantaged, woman-owned, HUBZone, veteran-owned, and service-disabled veteran-owned businesses. These small businesses represent the life-blood of our communities. Small business concerns are vital for creating value for our clients and in turn DYONYX is able to support local economic development.

DYONYX is pleased with the activities of our Small Business/Supplier Diversity Program as we view this as a critical element of our Procurement/Supply Chain Management.

DYONYX needs diverse suppliers for a wide variety of specialty services within the Information Technology, Energy, and Federal Contracting sectors. If your firm can provide desired services, please contact Contracts@dyonyx.com for further information.

Reduce the Environmental Impact of IT

Through our technology partnerships with companies such as VMware and Cisco, DYONYX solutions utilize leading edge technology which allows our clients to reduce the energy demands of their servers through server consolidation and dynamic management of computer assets across a pool of servers. Most servers and desktops today are in use at only 5-15% capacity in the time they are powered on. DYONYX's use of advanced resource and memory management will enable your company to consolidate ratios of 15:1 or more which increase hardware utilization to as much as 85%. With the use of DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler) tools, DYONYX monitors utilization across the datacenter and intelligently powers off unneeded physical servers without impacting applications and users. With DYONYX virtualization and outsourcing solutions, client reduce server sprawl and associated energy costs by as much as 80%

Datacenters consume a great amount of energy not only to power the servers but cooling costs as well. As each server is added to a room, more heat is generated thus requiring additional air conditioning costs, maintenance, and IT staff. Having fewer servers onsite will also require less real estate and overhead costs associated with a larger office size. Whether your company decides to outsource its datacenter entirely or have DYONYX manage your internal datacenter, our "Green IT" infrastructures not only maximizes your company's bottom line, but will reduce the overall IT carbon footprint as well.

Electronics Disposition Policy

DYONYX's vision is to ensure that retired IT assets and electronic products generated from both customers and operations are appropriately managed. As part of our Green initiative, DYONYX strives to maximize reuse opportunities to prevent pollution in addition to seeking disposition services to refurbish, repair and recycle hardware. Where refurbishment is not a viable option, every reasonable effort will be made to control all electronic wastes and to avoid electronic wastes from entering landfills and incinerators. DYONYX is committed to environmentally responsible processes and practices in the recycling of disposal materials and ensure that electronic waste is not exported to developing countries.



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