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DYONYX assisted BHP Billiton, the world’s largest diversified resources company, with the development of business continuity and disaster recovery plans for their business units world-wide.

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Hybrid Cloud- what is it, exactly? The answer is simple: it's whatever you need it to be. 

The full answer does vary, of course, depending on many factors, completely defined by your company's business functions, goals and needs.  At the most basic, it's the binding of public commercial and private Cloud space by standardized or proprietary technology that enables data and application portability. How exactly the balance is struck between the two is where DYONYX comes in. Our experts will sit down with you to help define your needs and how you're already using the Cloud, and build a Hybrid Cloud Solution that gives you the full scalability, affordability and on-demand nature of the public Cloud while providing you with the full protection and dedication of a customizable private Cloud. 

DYONYX Services 

We offer many options when it comes to how to construct your Hybrid Cloud.  Whether you need to use a public development platform but deploy data privately, or need to move data between private and public Clouds while operating in a seamless environment, we can work on countless options that best fit your business.  

Your company can also take advantage of DYONYX's physical and virtual machines to use public Cloud services as well as build proprietary applications on dedicated servers in our data centers, all while maintaining the same level of security and performance you are used to with any internal machines your company uses. 

DYONYX Hybrid Services include:  

  • VMware-based virtual servers & NetApp SAN Storage
  • Dedicated Hardware for application servers with high performance requirements protection
  • Onsite & Remote site Cloud deployments 

Service Highlights 

  • DYONYX experts sit down with your team to build a custom Hybrid Cloud solution designed to meet your business objectives
  • The DYONYX Hybrid Cloud allows you to utilize affordable public Cloud applications while keeping your data secure in our private business Cloud environment
  • Hybrid Cloud solutions make it easy for you to move seamlessly back and forth between public and private Cloud platforms 


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