As part of its overarching strategy to outsource non-core areas of the business, Pride awarded DYONYX a contract to provide IT services to successfully support its 7,000 global users providing Helpdesk, Desktop Support and Asset Management/Procurement, from the corporate hub for all regional support groups including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, France and MEAP.

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Private Cloud Models


Do you need to harness the power, scalability, accessibility and affordability of the Cloud, but large data or security requirements demand a dedicated infrastructure? Then the private cloud is for you! 

DYONYX specializes in a private business cloud that is operated solely for an individual organization, is managed by our expert engineers and is completely secured. We can even offer an MPLS connection to access your private Cloud. MPLS bypasses the Internet and provides fast, safe and affordable access to your data! 

DYONYX Services 

DYONYX’s private cloud is a complete, dedicated IT environment which can be scaled up or down depending on a business’s needs and objectives. In addition, it can be fully managed by DYONYX’s PMO and is supported by our Network Operations Center and 24 x 7 ITIL Service Desk which provide round-the-clock monitoring and solutions. 

As with most of our Cloud Solutions, your business can avoid the costly capital expenditures related to setting up a dedicated infrastructure at your facility. DYONYX handles the licensing fees and assignment or procurement of necessary equipment. Your costs are converted into monthly operating expenses that are on average lower than those associated with standing up an entire, dedicated IT infrastructure on your own. Plus, our pros are always on stand-by should any issues arise. 

Our private cloud services include: 

  • Enterprise-class private cloud hosting
  • Isolated, Dedicated Enterprise Private Cloud Resources
  • Self-service and policy enabled cloud service provisioning
  • Physical Device Integration 

A look at MPLS…

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) is a connection that delivers a point-to-point dedicated system that will not compete with other web traffic and expose your data to outside sources.

MPLS has the capability to prioritize your data depending on how it is “labeled”, without having to read each individual data packet. Its fast speeds that far outrun any typical Internet connection allow for a lower latency, which means your data gets where it’s going without annoying breaks in service. With the Internet, there is no guarantee your data will get to you quickly like there is with a dedicated MPLS connection.

Why spend extra money, time and effort trying to set up firewalls across all of your different offices and networks to protect your data? Using the cloud connectivity power of the MPLS system takes away all of the hassle and saves on overhead costs.

Service Highlights 

  • DYONYX experts design a dedicated private Cloud tailored to meet your business requirements
  • Your private Cloud is scalable—add or take away physical or virtual machines at any time, eliminating the guesswork involved with future planning and growth
  • Full-time Network Operations and Service Desk support to ensure your environment is running smoothly and quickly fixing issues when they arise
  • Dedicated MPLS connections add an extra layer of protection and provide complete security


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