DYONYX was tasked by the Government to perform a variety of services in support of the GSA WITS 2001 program. Support is provided to the Business Management Center (BMC) and Customer Account Management Centers (CAMC) specifically to the Network Oversight & Quality Assurance, Price and Other Support Systems Management, and Billing Management teams.

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With our Infrastructure as a Service offering, DYONYX can provide your business with a complete infrastructure—from servers to virtualization to storage— greatly reducing your company’s IT costs through our shared environments. Forget about having to manage, update and secure your servers or paying huge up-front licensing fees. DYONYX can offer and design a customized infrastructure made up of only what your company absolutely needs to meet its business objectives.

DYONYX Services

Under our IaaS Cloud Service, DYONYX provides:

  • Processing
  • Storage
  • Networks
  • Servers
  • Virtualization

You can utilize the DYONYX IaaS platform to deploy and run your software, which can include operating systems and applications. You don’t need to manage, or control, the underlying cloud infrastructure—leave that to DYONYX. But, if you like, you can control all, or parts of, the operating systems, storage, deployed applications, and control of select networking components (e.g., host firewalls).

 Service Highlights

  • A complete infrastructure provided by DYONYX takes the burden away from your business and allows you to focus on your core competencies
  • Dynamic scaling—services can be scaled up or down depending on need and demand
  • Reduced IT costs— utilizing DYONYX’s Cloud Infrastructure keeps costs low as businesses do not need to procure their own servers and equipment 


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