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Storage as a Service (STaaS)


In a traditional storage model, businesses will try to calculate and predict how much storage they will likely need over the next several years, and purchase the maximum amount of storage they believe they will need. However, under this model, businesses have to invest a significant capital expenditure, and they aren’t utilizing the rest of the excess storage until much later, or ever. This model decreases the efficiency of their network.

DYONYX offers a new, consumptive model of Storage as a Service which removes the guesswork and offers an effective, affordable solution that can be deployed across any of our Cloud models—public, private or hybrid—and is available with five different tiers of storage designed to meet customer needs.

DYONYX Services

What makes DYONYX’s Storage Services different?

1. We can offer true block storage in the Cloud 

Whether it’s VM or encrypted data, we can store anything that can be written to a disk, whereas other Cloud providers may be more limited.

2. We don’t charge for data usage/access

Unlike other service providers whose low prices may seem appealing but increase if you want to touch your data, we don’t charge you a utility fee to move data in or out!

3. We can provide STaaS on all of our Cloud Models: 

DYONYX offers STaaS through any of our Cloud Models- public, private and hybrid- as well as on premise storage solutions.

What if you’re already an Amazon Web Services customer? That’s great! For AWS customers, DYONYX can provide NetAPP private storage (NPS) in a public cloud, giving customers all of the enterprise management capabilities to control and maintain their data, ensure compliancy and offer a native alternative in the AWS cloud for storage connectivity.

On top of that, using DYONYX’s consumptive STaaS eliminates all the usage charges in the AWS cloud, which would be replaced by DYONYX’s STaaS solution, which is much more favorable for enterprise customers.

4. Five Customizable Levels of STaaS

DYONYX offers 5 levels of storage which are driven by Service Level Agreements (SLA) that map to the workload requirements of the business application. The levels range from high performance to long-term data storage, depending on what fits the business and application requirements. Rather than just charging customers on a per-GB basis, without regard to performance, we will sit down with you to look at what kind of applications you are running to determine the level of storage requirement.

Please contact our DYONYX storage solution expert below on designing your Storage as a Service needs!

Service Highlights

  • Consumptive Storage as a Service model is customizable with 5 different levels of storage
  • No extra charges to access data
  • We can store anything that can be written to a disk


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