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Panda hired DYONYX to conduct an independent assessment of current business processes and information technology infrastructures and the viability of the existing application systems to support the near-term growth projections.

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DYONYX's Data Center Refresh with Cisco UCS®

In August 2016, DYONYX, a Premier Cisco Partner, announced the completion of a data center refresh utilizing the state of the art Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) equipment, underscoring its commitment to assist customers who are facing IT management and cost challenges in their legacy environments as a result of data and server growth.

Cisco UCS rack and blade servers along with automation tools and Application Centric Infrastructure answer today’s IT challenges with an innovative and simplified fabric-centric architecture. Cisco UCS serves as a common, centrally managed platform that brings simplicity, agility, and flexibility of management by opening and abstracting all server hardware aspects for truly dynamic and stateless server resource pooling and on-demand provisioning.

In addition, UCS delivers fabric-centric unified connectivity for rack and blade servers with LAN, SAN, and management network access by connecting physical and virtual servers alike.

UCS is designed to: 

  • Reduce capital expenditures and operating expenses
  • Simplify infrastructure management
  • Enhances application performance and scalability
  • Speed IT delivery to the business

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