CPS Energy

DYONYX was selected by CPS Energy of San Antonio to lead their endeavor to develop and implement a formal Security Program applicable to a number of their critical assets.

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Cybersecurity Services


DYONYX specializes in design-level network security, working with agencies and executive management to help improve the security and efficiency of their existing infrastructures, systems and databases, while at the same time reducing operating costs. Our clients include leading enterprise and federal, state and local government customers nationwide. 

DYONYX is unique in that we provide an encompassing, heuristic approach to network security at the value layer of an organization, not just point product solutions. The result is an independent, objective assessment of baseline vulnerabilities with a prioritized risk-resolution approach that is specific to each client’s unique infrastructure. Our deliverables are clear and concise, adding genuine value in reduced exposure to viruses, targeted and random attacks on your network and the associated risks and costs of downtime, compromise and recovery of key business systems.

DYONYX Services 

  • Design-Level Security Consulting
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • EMS, SCADA & DCS Assessment
  • Secure VPN Solutions
  • Wireless Network Auditing
  • Remote Access Systems Auditing (War Dialing)
  • Social Engineering and Physical Security Assessment
  • Software Security Controls & DLL Disassembly
  • Compliance Audits including HIPAA, GLBA and Sarbanes Oxley
  • Administrative Policy Creation, Automation and Compliance
  • Secure Core or Redundant Applications Hosting
  • Intrusion Detection Service and Monitoring
  • Encompassing Risk Management and Business Impact Analysis 

Service Highlights

  • Proven methodologies to assess the security of your network
  • Extensive Practical Experience
  • Deep technical skills
  • Deft understanding of and protection against the  methods and motivations of the sophisticated hacker.

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