CACTX engaged the services of DYONYX to develop best practices and streamline operations in order to improve compliancy and required reporting at the state level.

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Security Design & Architecture


Today, many industries are facing numerous choices regarding the implementation of new information technology, cloud computing, server virtualization, mobile computing, smart grid, and effective disaster recovery processes.  An underlying concern in moving forward with any of these initiatives is security. 

Assuring compliance with the underlying security regulations continues to be an ever increasing critical function in a multitude of industries.  A long list of other security standards applicable to health information, financial information, government operations, critical infrastructures, and privacy concerns are increasingly being applied to every day operations in many organizations.  Accordingly, it is more important than ever to design and implement sustainable Security Programs that intrinsically add value and operational resiliency without burdening the impacted organizations.    

DYONYX Services

DYONYX has been deeply involved in the development of compliant security programs (policies, procedures, processes, evidentiary documentation and cyber and physical security vulnerability assessment deliverables) for the last ten years.

Our team has primarily focused on the provisions of the NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Reliability Standard, NIST guidelines, and more recently the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) 08-09 guidelines. With over fifty (50) electric utility and government clients our success has been leveraged by the application of a structured programmatic approach that utilizes a number of industry-praised and highly-regarded innovations, templates, and methodologies (intellectual property) developed by DYONYX. These templates and process development methodologies are now being successfully applied to address the new requirements of the NERC CIP Reliability Standard as well as the more complex provisions of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Regulatory Guide 5.71 through the NEI guideline NEI 08-09 Revision 6.

Service Highlights

  • DYONYX Consultants Know the Energy Industry & Compliance Standards Inside and Out
  • The DYONYX energy practice consultants average 30+ years of experience in the electric utility industry
  • We understand both the business and technical operations perspectives of the electric utility industry
  • DYONYX has an extensive track record in putting together comprehensive Security Programs to protect critical infrastructures and sensitive documents in nuclear and fossil generation facilities, electric transmission infrastructures, oil storage facilities, public health facilities, federal agencies, and the financial services industry



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