TWI re-structured their entire North American IT infrastructure that would realize $6.8M in annual benefits as a result of DYONYX’s “5 Step approach for Re-inventing the Business” methodology that created a set of shared services within the TWI family of businesses.

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The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) has been given the authority to develop and enforce mandatory reliability standards (including cyber and physical security) for the reliable and secure operation of the Bulk Electric Systems throughout North America.   Along with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the nation’s oldest physical science laboratory who has developed a set of security guideline for government and industry, security standards are evolving towards a common means to protect a hierarchy of systems across multiple industries.  

These security standards, guidelines and corresponding risk assessment methodologies, depicted in the NIST Guidelines, are playing a key role in setting expectations and promoting security across critical infrastructure and operational areas of an enterprise.  

NERC develops and enforces reliability standards; assesses adequacy annually via a 10-year forecast, and summer and winter forecasts; monitors the Bulk Electric System; and educates, trains and certifies industry personnel.

The NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Reliability Standard was facilitated and developed by NERC and electric utility industry representatives respectively to address the reliability and security issues of the electric utility critical infrastructures.

Version 5 of the CIP Reliability Standard (approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission November 23, 2013 to be enforced starting February 3, 2016), incorporates many of the concepts and provisions of the NIST 800-53 Guideline.  

DYONYX Services

DYONYX consultants have developed a number of innovations in the current and evolving NERC standards that can be leveraged to initiate or change existing Security Programs including, but not limited to:

  • Created the “impact-based” critical infrastructure asset risk-based assessment methodology used throughout the industry;
  • Developed self-documenting tightly-coupled process methodology;
  • Created an efficient and effective program architecture employing a functionally structured framework which was published and widely-praised in the industry;
  • Facilitated active participation by stakeholders, subject matter experts, and users through effective business process reengineering methods and table top review sessions using visual process maps;
  • Incorporated proven business process map templates, designed and evolved over the last seven years, to jump start new or revised processes;
  • Developed clear, precise, and brief IF-THEN-ELSE methods simplifying complex tasks and decision making procedures;
  • Developed an Enterprise Security Framework that provides:

    A governance structure that provides an enterprise view to manage and sustain an effective Security Program;

    -  Assurance that all relevant business and compliance risks are identified and aligned with the enterprise missions, goals, and objectives;
    -  A means to integrate multiple compliance requirements into a cohesive singular Security Program; and
     - Identification of prioritized assets that need to be protected across the enterprise including informational and operational systems, physical assets, people, business processes, and information

Service Highlights

  • DYONYX was Instrumental in Developing Original NERC CIP Standards 
  • DYONYX is a pioneer and leader in NERC CIP compliance consulting and education 
  • DYONYX Consultants Know the Energy Industry & Compliance Standards Inside and Out
  • DYONYX Continues to Provide Practical, Proven and Effective Training and Implementation 


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