From November 2007 through July 2008, NERC appointed DYONYX to implement an education program for the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Cyber Security Standard.

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Datacenter colocations


DYONYX partners with and operates out of multiple Commercial Enterprise Data Center (CEDC) facilities in Texas and in western, central and eastern regions of the United States for extra redundancy and security.

DYONYX’s cloud infrastructure in these facilities is linked together by a high speed MPLS cloud which enables us to provide 100% of the IT and infrastructure services for our clients.


MPLS Cloud Infrastructure

DYONYX Services 

In our data centers we employ methodologies that include a combined implementation of physical and virtual servers to provide optimum performance, reduction in physical space and high availability. High availability is achieved at the server using high-level redundancy. Redundant internal devices i.e. power supplies, multiple multi-port network cards; redundant network connections are implemented to the network infrastructure to achieve fault tolerant failover of aggregate bandwidth to corporate data and redundant storage devices. Additionally, multiple power distribution units per rack are connected to separate electrical circuits along with each server’s redundant power supply connected to independent circuits. This level of redundancy has been implemented for physical and virtual devices.

Some of the benefits of the DYONYX data centers include:

  • Military‐grade security with 24x7x365 guards, Biometric & Card Key security for access control and Video Surveillance and Recording;
  • Reinforced structure including concrete bollards, steel lined walls, bulletproof glass, and barbed wire fencing on the perimeter of the property;
  • Fully redundant power including multiple municipal feeds, three diesel powered generators and redundant UPS;
  • Multiple providers of metropolitan area networks (MANs) and Internet access;
    100% availability guarantee and bandwidth on demand from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps+

Service Highlights

  • DYONYX's partnerships with premier data centers throughout Texas provide proven support and security for your data
  • High security measures put in place to protect from physical harm
  • MPLS Cloud Infrastructure provides afast, secure connection 
  • Peace of mind knowing your data is safe and redundant 


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