Panda Energy

Panda hired DYONYX to conduct an independent assessment of current business processes and information technology infrastructures and the viability of the existing application systems to support the near-term growth projections.

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Managed Hosting


Customization, flexibility and cost savings are just some of the benefits to moving your IT environment onto our Managed Hosting platform. Whether you need a bare metal environment to stand up your own applications or want to utilize our virtualized machines, our engineers will work directly with your business to determine the best possible managed solution. Instead of trying to manage, secure and monitor your own environment, our managed hosting services will allow you to free up your resources to focus on your business competencies, leaving as much of the management of your servers, virtual machines and software to us as you need.

DYONYX Services

The DYONYX state-of-the-art Virtualization and SAN implementation coupled with a pure fiber backplane and blended bandwidth model provided by five (5) multi-homed Tier I/II telecommunications providers can support the demands of thousands of traditional servers which allows us to offer full-scale managed server hosting to our customers at some of the lowest price points in the industry.

DYONYX operates a 500 MB MPLS Cloud from Time Warner. Included in our offering is 24/7 real-time monitoring of every piece of hardware and software in our Military-Grade datacenters. Additionally, our 24/7 ITIL-aligned service desk offers customers the assurance that their support needs will be met when they need support the most, no matter when that may occur.

Service Highlights

  • Flexible hosting environments including Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud Hosting
  • Expert device and software monitoring and management
  • Increased speed and security in our state-of-the-art data centers
  • 24/7 support for your environment


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