Midwest ISO

The DYONYX team delivered a comprehensive report detailing the findings listed here. Subsequent to the completion of these Tasks, DYONYX provided a detailed vulnerability assessment of the Midwest ISO Market Portal System.

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24/7 ITIL Service Desk


The DYONYX Service Desk is an ITIL Aligned, 24x7 operation that includes a robust combination of technology, processes, and procedures that ensure redundancy and reliability around the clock. The service desk offers customized solutions for our clients to manage and fix issues that arise at any minute of the day or night. From resetting passwords to troubleshooting MS Office to adding printers, we are able to provide support for countless technical issues.

Under the shared services model, DYONYX can provide simultaneous support for all of its service desk customers, thereby greatly reducing the costs that a business would incur in setting up a dedicated, on-site service desk. However, DYONYX can also provide dedicated service desk personnel to any business or agency that requires its own service desk. 

DYONYX Services

  • Dedicated, Shared & Hybrid Solutions
  • VIP Services
  • Triage & Vendor Management
  • Custom Service Design
  • 80% First Call Resolution Rate
  • 24x7 Support & Monitoring
  • Affordable, multi-tenant solution
  • ITIL certified
  • 75,000 end users
  • International onsite or dispatch
  • Customizable online service portals
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreement
  • 1st Tier level support are certified and trained to resolve issues on the first call
  • VIP designations for priority service
  • Global desktop deployment support

The DYONYX ITIL aligned Service Desk provides world-wide telephone, email and web-based support and issue management from our Houston headquarters as well as our secondary site at FIBERTOWN in Bryan, TX. In order for our clients to receive the immediate assistance they need, we have a smooth process to connect end users with the proper level of support.

The Service Desk function is the nucleus for recording, resolving and/or dispatching all work orders and monitoring them through to resolution. The full life cycle management of these work orders is ultimately used to measure performance against the support metrics required and reported through the production of weekly and monthly status reports.

Service Approach

100% of calls are recorded, logged and dispatched within our enterprise-class Cherwell automated tracking and response system and followed through to resolution. Client and users have the ability to email, browse or call directly to the Service Desk with all issues, and benefit from this centralized approach for timely resolution of all inquiries. VIP’s and escalated issues are monitored closely by the DYONYX Quality Assurance Team, handling status and resolution of these calls with a personalized touch. DYONYX will meet or exceed each customer’s metrics as defined during the due diligence process and mutually agreed upon SLA’s (service level agreements). 

Service Highlights

  • 24x7 Shared or Dedicated Service Desk personnel available to assist on all issues
  • 80% first-call resolution rate
  • Reduced costs in shared services model
  • Most issues are resolved on the first call, but trained engineers are always standing-by to assist on calls that must be elevated due to difficulty or urgency


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