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Database Managed Services


Many businesses are only as good as their data…and if your organization relies on the information stored and secured in its database, it is essential that it is carefully maintained and kept at optimal performance levels. From monitoring to troubleshooting to even offering a Database Administrator-as-a-service, DYONYX can fully manage your database to ensure that it is fine-tuned, bug-free, backed-up and highly accessible.

DYONYX Services

24x7 Database Monitoring: DYONYX performs regularly scheduled automated checks of the database environment to identify system issues. These checks are performed by a combination of monitoring tools at both the infrastructure and application level using specific Database tool kits inherent in databases, custom scripts designed to extract alerts, ScienceLogic’s EM7, Solarwinds APM, and other monitoring tools.

In addition to the infrastructure checks, DYONYX will regularly monitor:

  • Database availability
  • Alert logs for severe operational errors
  • Database space allocations
  • Database resources
  • Database file system space
  • Automated backups & maintenance

Database Troubleshooting:
DYONYX staff will respond immediately to critical system-level notifications. Following our standard operating procedures (SOPs), our first step is to research and diagnose the root cause of the critical issue. Our database team then seeks to determine the most effective path for remediating the issue. These remediations can vary widely, but could include: 

  • Adding or allocating storage space
  • Resolving network connectivity
  • Repairing / Recovering databases using native or third party tools
  • Security controls
  • Transferring database services to another host
  • Backup and archiving troubleshooting

Database Environments (Clustered or Standalone)

  • Microsoft SQL Server (all MS supported releases)
  • Oracle Database Server 10g, 11g
  • Microsoft Access

DYONYX’s Server administration also entails planning, allocating, and adjusting resources and workloads, diagnosing and resolving Incidents, monitoring, security, and reporting. Server administration includes, but is not limited to, the following activities: 

  • Ensuring that server availability and performance Service Levels are met
  • Reporting server availability, utilization, and performance statistics, using standard server based tools available on operating systems.
  • Scheduling server installations and maintenance
  • Performing change management tasks for server platforms
  • Reviewing support statistics and managing resources to achieve target Service Levels 

DB Optimization / Performance Tuning

DYONYX experts can fully examine your database to determine what can be optimized and tuned to ensure the highest possible performance. After initial reviews and assessments, DYONYX will continue to monitor your database for efficiency and make improvements on an ongoing basis.

DB data file and log management

DYONYX utilizes DATACRON’S tools to carefully monitor data files and manage logs for any abnormalities as well as ensure that your information is backed up properly. We monitor logs to prevent back-ups so that your database is running quickly and your end users can access it at the drop of a hat.

Database Administrator: Offered as a service so customers don’t need to hire a full-time DBA

At DYONYX, we offer a flexible solution for running your databases and can actually provide a Database Administrator (DBA) as a service so that your company does not have to pay the costs of hiring a full-time DBA to manage your database.

Our DBAs will oversee the installation, configuration, upgrades, administration, monitoring, maintenance and security of your database so that it operates at its maximum potential.

Service Highlights

  • DYONYX’s Database experts employ strategies designed to constantly monitor, secure and optimize your data so you don’t have to
  • Unlike many other businesses, DYONYX offers Database Administrators as a service to save businesses the high costs of employing a full-time DBA
  • DYONYX will work with clients to review their database environment and business needs, and design a custom database management system that meets SLA requirements


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