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The DYONYX team delivered a comprehensive report detailing the findings listed here. Subsequent to the completion of these Tasks, DYONYX provided a detailed vulnerability assessment of the Midwest ISO Market Portal System.

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On, Off & Multi-Premise Monitoring


Depending on the size, data sensitivity and security requirements that may affect a company’s IT environment, their servers, networks and devices may need to be monitored and patched in a specific manner. DYONYX provides three versions of their monitoring services that will ensure that a company is able to prioritize its needs and find a solution that fits its business model for ultimate performance. 

DYONYX Services


For clients who require complete control over their systems and data, DYONYX technicians will install monitoring software on devices at the client location and patch desktops, servers and network gear on-site that the client or DYONYX analysts can operate.


DYONYX can utilize tools like N-Able’s Remote Control Manager to connect with a client’s network from a third-party data center and remotely patch bugs that arise, providing immediate and rapid responses without any time required for scheduling and travel. In addition, off-premise monitoring reduces service costs as the same tools can continuously monitor devices for multiple clients at once and can share the same licensed software and avoid any additional infrastructure requirements.


With a multi-premise solution, businesses can manage a hybrid of on-premise and off-premise monitoring and patching through a single pane of glass, providing services and reporting seamlessly across all environments.

Service Highlights 

  • Provides multiple options for monitoring that can be customized to build the idealized solution
  • On-premise options provide customers with ultimate control over their data and monitoring
  • Off-premise services allow DYONYX to take the burden off of businesses and reduce costs by sharing tools and eliminating the need to purchase dedicated monitoring software licenses so businesses can focus on their core competencies
  • Multi-premise solutions can be tailored to fit the needs of the client and allow for a seamless blending of monitoring and patching across all environments


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