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When a software application malfunctions or a server goes down due to a malicious attack, it can be a major blow to an enterprise. It’s critical to have a patch management strategy in place to determine when “patches” or security updates should be installed and tested, and what should update be applied to each application or device to prevent malfunctions and security threats from occurring. If security is compromised and an application goes down, it’s vital to assess and fix the issues as quickly and efficiently as possible and protect against future threats. As part of its managed services offerings, DYONYX provides 24x7 patch management for applications, operating systems and infrastructure in Microsoft and Linux environments.

DYONYX Services

At DYONYX, one of our chief aims is to ensure that our clients’ systems and operating environments are secured and highly available. We offer several software solutions to “patch” any server bugs or security vulnerabilities to ensure optimal performance. With our patch management services, we develop a strategy and plan of what patches should be applied to which systems at a specific time. DYONYX utilizes several tools including N-Able to install, monitor, repair and report on a host of business applications from Adobe Air to Yahoo Messenger.

We can provide patch management for servers at the VM and Windows Operating System level. Application patching can be performed on a Time and Materials basis or for a fixed monthly fee.

Service Highlights 

  • Data analysis and information collection to prioritize, schedule and determine what patches should be employed
  • Ensures optimal performance
  • Protects against security vulnerabilities
  • Reduces IT risk and cost
  • 24x7 Service desk support
  • Flexible plans for patching- fixed monthly basis or time and materials basis


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