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Panda hired DYONYX to conduct an independent assessment of current business processes and information technology infrastructures and the viability of the existing application systems to support the near-term growth projections.

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Storage & Data Management


At DYONYX, we understand how critical it is for businesses and government agencies to properly store and maintain their data, and just how expensive it can be to securely store that data or estimate how much storage you may need over the coming years. Our flexible storage and backup options will allow our clients to determine their data management, storage and backup policies and pay for only what is necessary at the time it is needed.

DYONYX Services

DYONYX offers several different storage options ranging from temporary storage services to long-term, indefinite retention options and everything in between. As a standard, DYONYX retain two weeks of backup data via disk to disk replication between multiple SANs and NAS units. DYONYX also offers off-site tape backup and storage solutions as an option if required, and can migrate all legacy data from existing file servers to a central file server located into the proposed virtual environment.

We can also work with your company to set up a plan to closely monitor your data, using our state-of-the-art software to protect your data, monitor the levels of storage to make sure you don’t reach your capacity, and allocate more storage depending on the growth rate of your data.

In addition, many DYONYX clients have regulatory mandates including SOX, HIPAA, NERC CIP, FISMA, e-Discovery and other business drivers that affect their storage and backup policies. Our trained, certified professional will analyze the mandates affecting your data and develop a data management and storage plan to ensure full compliance.

Service Highlights 

  • Flexible options including temporary storage, long-term storage, off-site tape backup, legacy data migration
  • Data monitoring plans to make sure your data is safe and has properly allocated storage capacity
  • DYONYX can design specific storage and data management plans to comply with regulatory mandates like SOX, HIPAA and NERC CIP


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